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My Approach

My Approach

Consists of practices that - when integrated intentionally - will reinvigorate your Nervous System's resiliency, & therefore, how you relate to your world helping you create more play, joy & pleasure in life, relationships & self. 


I use a experiential approach drawing on some of the most established schools of body-centred therapy and somatic practice, including: Hakomi, Focusing, Authentic Movement, Conscious Improv, Mindfulness and Gestalt

I have designed four foundational pillars of practice:

Mindfulness & Breath

By coming into quiet we're able to listen to the bodies somatic reponses moment to moment. This could be feeling the breath or heart beat to begin learning embodied awareness. The more this is practiced the deeper the experience unfolds.

Movement & Voice

Moving the body and freeing up the voice can support in releasing trapped emotions, stress and to integrate your felt experience.

Curiosity & Play

Play is at the core of my approach and enables us to have an explorative discovery into our inner world. When we play we are present, we are in flow by tapping into the bodies dreamy unconscious state of being.

Consent & Trust

Everything is optional, always. Clear consent is discussed throughout the session. Together we create a fertile ground on which we can experiment, discover and play.

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