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Somatic Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching approach which works not just with the intelligence of our minds, but also the intelligence of our bodies.

This type of coaching is gaining more and more popularity due to its ability to achieve effective results and the wealth of scientific research that explains how and why it works.

Body-Based Coaching draws on the schools of Somatic Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Focusing and Hakomi and incorporates the latest findings from Neuroscience, Embodied Cognition, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Polyvagal Theory.

Our evolving understanding of each of these domains moves us away from the traditional focus of modern psychology on the reflective mind, and points us towards the human being as an integrated system - a complex, intelligent whole.

Most people, and especially in the world of work, live from their heads, operating from their intellect. Our intellect is of course incredibly useful. It is a gift that enables us to bring ideas into reality. But we’ve been over-using it, and this leads to us feeling off-balance.


By using the body in coaching, there is potential to experience more than is already known by accessing the wisdom of the body and breaking through old stories, frozen beliefs and stuck patterns of behaviour.


This type of work can involve engaging with human form and energy in a host of ways, including posture, shape, pattern, flow, space, rhythm, movement, stillness and breath. It also involves following our sensations, emotions, felt senses and imagination.

Working in this way helps us reconnect with the whole of ourselves and wake up to the untapped resources our bodies hold for living more fulfilling, wise, and ethical lives in the world.


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