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The Body Knows Course

NEXT COURSE: TUE 07 JAN 2025. Click here to sign up

The Body Knows is a six week online course that will help you develop the practical skills to explore the wonderment of somatic experience. Through playful experiments & creative body based practices it will vitalize your nervous system's resiliency, reduce anxiety and boost immunity. 

In a time where many of us are again, or still, experiencing limitations with embodiment and playful self-expression, an embodied self-care practice can support our wellbeing, ground us and remind us of the freedoms that we always have.

The intention of this embodied self study is for you to process and cultivate a deep and powerful relationship with yourself and the natural world, so that you may live and act from a place of truth and courage. You will traverse the liminal space of ‘meeting the edge’ and safely explore outside of your comfort zone using the magic of dreamy somatic states, movement, play and improv.

Through verbal group processing, non-verbal somatic and physical embodiment practices you will tap into your body's natural urges, desires, fears and creativity to increase sensitivity, emotional awareness and confidence. These practices amplify our ability to problem solve, boost confidence and tap into the divine joy of the cosmic laugh and when applied carefully, they can be a profound resource for our capacity for transformation, healing and personal growth.

Group Dance


  • You will have one 60 minute private Body - Oriented Coaching session with Dani to support you over the course.

  • Each week you will receive a detailed follow up email & video recap of the practices we covered from each theme. 

  • You will have the opportunity to share in smaller groups to form deeper connections & group support.

  • There will be a mixture of embodied practices, such as movement and meditation, theatre games as well as sharing circles and rituals.

  • It’s encouraged to have a movement journal to document your practice. This can be written, drawn,  recorded via voice notes or video or a mixture of all these mediums. 

Practices We Will Cover

  • Active Listening & Journalling

  • Alexander Technique

  • Focusing & Orientation Practice 

  • Systemic Thinking & Discussion

  • Imagination & Somatic Resourcing

  • Lecoq The Moving Body: Acting, Clown, Improvisation

  • Authentic Movement & Gaga Dance


WEEK 1 - Sensing

Opening our embodied sanctuary by turning on our senses; noticing the subtle details and unique textures that each one brings. 

This week we lay the fertile ground for our somatic - embodiment journey together. You will learn somatic practices inspired by Feldenkrais and Taoism, and receive an in depth practical introduction to somatic movement meditation.


Keywords: Discovery, subtlety, fertility, rebuilding, playfulness, creating space.

WEEK 2 - Wild Play 

Leaping into liminal space and tasting what it means to embody your creativity!

In this session you will explore embodied creativity, connection, surprise and risk. You will playfully discover deep contact with yourself and others by learning light and playful techniques drawn from clowning, improvisation and theatre. We will celebrate our fallible and imperfect bodies as the main portal for spontaneity, authenticity and meaning. You will discover the role of body impulses and emotions in tension release, self-expression and presence, and reflect on the role and position of our inner child - like expression through learning, healing and play.  


Keywords: Wild Play, expansiveness, unblocking, clowning, transformation, release, taking space, empowerment.

WEEK 3 - Rewilding

Embodying the change you want to become. 

Here we research how malleable we can actually be & how things like self limiting beliefs or negative self-talk literally shape us. Using practices from acting methodology, authentic movement, meditation & ritual you will learn how to rewire your body language. You will dig deeper into your embodied wisdom to let go, shift and make space for your intuitive self to emerge.


Keywords:  Ritual, co-creation, staccato, meditation, reflection, harvesting.

WEEK 4 - Pleasure 

Pleasure is your birthright. 

Welcome to your sensual sanctuary; a place for you to gently practice sensing what feels good. This week we weave together our learnings so far through verbal processing and non verbal somatic techniques to connect or reconnect to your experience of pleasure; this is the celebration of what it means to be human, feeling the pleasures in life whilst also acknowledging the lack of pleasure in our lives and how we can nourish this part of our being. 

Living in a results - base society it’s easy to neglect or reject our right to pleasure. Our bodies then adapt and we find we can no longer feel pleasure when we want to and might even experience numbness or pain. Our bodies are however wise and can always adapt again with practice and time.

Keywords: Self - Love, acceptance, bliss, sensuous, grief, release, inner knowing.

WEEK 5 - Rest 

Dreaming and deeply listening to what our bodies truly need from moment to moment.

This week we will surrender to what it means to rest. Gentle and tender somatic movement, self massage and deep soma meditative states. We will come together in community and kinship to share our experience and challanges in feeling our bodies need to rest in a society that is constantly ‘doing’.  We will practice embodied tools to soothe and calm your nervous system and discuss the experience to discover what works for your unique system. 

Keywords:  Surrender, Softness, deep listening, stillness, somatics, group processing

WEEK 6 - Integration

Our final week together to reflect and begin to pause for integration.


It is a ripe place to feel into the delicate tendrils of realisation, understand how to metabolize epiphanies and connect the dots between subtle insights. We will weave together your needs for this time and structure what you will put in place to support your integration.

 Note; It is advised to book the following day off so that you can fully drop into your integration process.

Keywords: Sharing discoveries and learnings, journaling, ritual, reflection, closing circle

"Absolutely incredible, life changing session. Dani is an amazing facilitator who really helps you to embrace your inner child, be silly and play. She transports you to another world and I will be implementing the things she taught us into my everyday life."
- Maggie, course partipicent

This course may be of benefit if you are:

  • Feeling disconnected from your mindbody and nature.

  • You are wanting to learn in community and have accountability to practice embodied wellbeing.

  • Are wanting to create your own embodiment - somatic practice or add to your already existing one.

  • Seeking new ways to unlock creative or emotional blockages that are holding you back and want to create more space for self development.

  • Wanting to give your body some self love and attention, to feel fit and healthy whilst having fun too!

  • You're a yoga teacher, therapist or body worker and are seeking a supportive place to practice your existing skills with like minded people.

For more information on upcoming dates, investment and more, click the link below.

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