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Hi there!

Welcome to my website.

I am a somatic coach & creative consultant for embodied self expression, confidence, body positivity,

& nervous system resiliency.

facilitate & design playful, powerful & pleasurable spaces for transformation, connection & empowerment.


I work with brilliant & unique individuals, organisations & independent artists to create space for

 innovation & somatic healing.

I'm here to help you, your community or work place come back home to your body safely, easefully & joyfully.


What I Do


Somatic Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching approach which works not just with the intelligence of our minds, but also the intelligence of our bodies.


The Body Knows is a six week online course that will help you develop the practical skills to explore the wonderment of somatic experience. Through playful experiments & creative body based practices it will vitalize your nervous system's resiliency, reduce anxiety and boost immunity. 


I offer bespoke workshops, courses, coaching and facilitation for individuals, theatre companies, businesses, educational establishments and community groups.  I will draw on my 12 year + experience as a facilitator and holder of safe creative spaces using my toolkit and approach to find the right structures to help you explore, create, learn and grow.

To see my other services and offerings, head here!


From corporate clients, public events & private coaching

Dani brings so much energy and charisma that even the most reluctant corporate participant can’t help being sucked into the joy and laughter. 

In order to create the conditions for creative thinking and boldness with ideas we have to stretch our sense of what is comfortable and Dani facilitated the perfect vehicle for this. 

Amelia Parisian Head of Programmes at Craigberoch Business Decelerator.

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