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Orgasms aren't just for vals day they're for life! - 14.02.22

Lol, ok terrible joke.

See below picture for a juicy list about orgasms for context

Solo dreamy orgasmic states are powerful...Its an act of Rebellion!

Why do modern day feminists talk about masturbation as a form of power or a rebellious act?

Because shaming is always an act of disempowerment; and women are shamed from masturbating in order to make them sexually or social submissive.

It's an act of rebellion against this cultural suppression which has oppressed women for so many years.


I reclaim my sl*tty sexy self.

And I'll continue to share, talk & listen to whoever is up for sharing with me.

We rise..

Orgasms are...

A self love ritual

A deep devotion to embodied pleasure

An act of Rebellion

A delicious discovery within


I've experienced many of my creative ideas and wishes when in an orgasmic dreamy state.

Letting myself float away into the the whole of my body, sensing, feeling, being...Continually deepening my connection to my body.

Sinking into my underworld, a blissful place where wisdom shows itself.

Anyway enough chat, don't be shy...

Have a solo conscious w*nk, cool stuff happens.


Dani x

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